We’ve worked with Greg for over a year. We began the relationship for the convenience, but have stayed with Greg because the food is fresh, high-quality and tastes great. Just like we would cook if we had the time! Greg is professional and reliable, and leaves our kitchen clean and stocked with delicious dinners. Thanks to Greg for making mealtime low stress, healthy and convenient!

Mike & Allison

“We have a busy household and Greg Cross and Passion for Food has been a terrific addition! Greg is a fantastic chef with a wide variety of healthy, tasty offerings priced very competitively – great for adults and children alike. We strongly recommend Chef Cross and Passion for Food!”

David and Mary Jane

“Chef Greg Cross’ cooking has made an enormous difference in our lives. Although we enjoy cooking, our schedules do not at this time permit us to cook the sort of food we ought to be eating. Chef Greg has prepared a delicious, interesting and nutritious rotation of food (in proper portions) that has helped keep us healthy and sane for over three years.” Chef Greg is also always professional and pleasant. We would recommend him to anyone.

Tim and Lynn

The food has been extremely good. Greg has provided a wide variety of creative meals using fresh, nutritious ingredients. My parents are able to look forward to home cooked meals of the quality that they were used to when my mother was able to cook.


Greg Cross of Passion for food has provided excellent, personal chef services for my family over the past six months. The food has been wonderful as well as his professional manner. We will continue to use his services and recommend him to others.


I have had the pleasure of having Greg Cross cook our family dinners for the last six months. Greg spent a good deal of time getting to know our food “issues” before he began, and having 3 teenagers with very different tastes, this would be a challenge and of course, I have my own issues about nutritious, pesticide free fruits and vegetables and fish without mercury, etc. Also important to me is that food be prepared in a thoughtful and relaxed manner, unlike what my children were experiencing when their frenzied mom was in the kitchen.

What a treat it has been! The menus have been varied and the food has been awesome. My favorite is a soy veggie quiche. It brings a smile to my heart to see my usually sullen 11th grader come home from soccer practice and cheerfully dig into his dinner. They used to complain that my cooking was boring, now they are enthusiastic about their dinners. Having Greg Cross in our kitchen has definitely made our lives richer.